Quickly Bring Projects to Life with DigitalOcean

Scotch.io is hosted on DigitalOcean! It's a great place to host your site or app, especially if you want to build a dynamic app that requires a database. Host your Node API, Headless CMS, and more.

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Get Started with the Cloud Developers Love

DigitalOcean is a developer-friendly cloud platform that gives you flexible options for building apps and hosting websites. With DigitalOcean, you can get any sort of project up and running quickly and reliably.

Deploy in Seconds with DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps

Manual installation and configuration can take hours or even days. The DigitalOcean Marketplace reduces this time with a catalog of open source and commercial software apps that you can install with a single click. With 1-Click Apps, you can quickly deploy frameworks for popular programming languages – or create blogs, CMS, or discussion forums in just minutes.

Fast & Flexible Computing

DigitalOcean offers compute, storage, databases, and networking through a developer-friendly interface optimized for productivity. DigitalOcean solutions are also built with best-in-class Intel processors that run your workloads at lightning-fast speeds.

Run Your App on VMs or Kubernetes

Droplets (IaaS)

Run and manage your app directly on DigitalOcean Droplets (VMs). Spin up a Droplet with your choice of Linux OS in under 55 seconds.

DigitalOcean Kubernetes (CaaS)

Spin up a managed Kubernetes cluster in minutes, and run your app as microservices using Docker containers.

Get Unlimited High-Speed Storage

Your workload might require terabytes or even petabytes of storage for user data, files, or content. DigitalOcean provides as much storage as you need with durable, secure Object and Block Storage.

Managed Databases

The days of licensing expensive databases and running them on-premises are long gone. Leave the complexity of database administration to DigitalOcean, who will handle setup, backups, and updates – so you can focus on building great apps.

Learning Tools & Resources

DigitalOcean’s constantly growing library of community tutorials and product docs help you get started quickly, answer technical questions, and provide learning pathways to help familiarize users with the latest technologies.