What We'll Build
Free 1:21
Who is Ryan?
Free :59
AngularJS Theory
The Evolving Web
Free 5:08
What is Angular Trying to Solve?
Free 4:28
The Good and the Bad
Free 4:12
Setting Up
Tools We'll Need
Free 4:38
Setting up the Project Directory
Free 7:32
Making a Hello World App
Free 6:21
Controllers, Scope and Dependency Injection
The MVC Pattern
Free 3:45
Digging into Controllers
Free 4:40
What is $scope?
Free 2:53
Two-way Data-binding
Free 1:47
More on Templating
Free 3:00
Dependency Injection
Free 2:44
What are Providers?
Free 2:03
Building the Structure
Crash Course on Directives
Free 5:06
The Toolbar and Classified Card
Free 8:20
Using ng-repeat
Free 5:26
Implementing Filters
Free 3:15
Hiding and Showing Parts of the UI
Free 14:19
Working with Remote Data
Free 5:58
HTTP Requests and Promises
Free 6:03
Switching to Services
Free 4:44
Putting in the Sidenav
Free 7:44
Adding New Classifieds
Free 12:37
Editing Existing Classifieds
Free 11:20
Deleting Classifieds
Free 9:48
Filtering Data
Free 14:17
Adding Animation
Free 5:00
Routing with UI-Router
Routing Concepts
Free 4:12
How UI-Router Works
Free 7:46
Switching to Controller-As
Free 6:20
Refactoring the Classifieds Route
Free 11:09
Creating the New Classified State
Free 10:08
Setting Up Watchers
Free 7:05
Emitting Data
Free 9:00
Editing Data with Route Params
Free 14:01
Isolating Scope
Free 6:52
Setting up the Classified Card Directive
Free 4:50
Finishing the Directive
Free 7:21
Wrapping Up
Free :59

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