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9 Tips to Improve Your Yoga Practice


Do you feel stagnant in your yoga practice? No longer interested? We have 12 simple and easy-to-implement tips to help you improve your practice.

Drink water throughout the day

Moisturize yourself throughout the day: Pause your course because you need to drink a little water. You must make sure you arrive at your yoga class by being already well hydrated. Think about drinking water throughout the day - you will be amazed at the difference.

Don’t be late

Arrive early: If you have to hurry to get to your class on time, it may disrupt you and prevent you from being well prepared before starting your exercises. Give yourself at least 10 more minutes to prevent any delay. You will have more time to change, install your carpet, etc. You can also choose the place of the room you prefer; you may even have time to drink a tea before the arrival of the teacher!

Comfortable clothing

Come properly equipped: There is nothing worse than having to lift your pants every five minutes because its elastic does not hold any more. Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing that will allow you to fully devote yourself to your practice. Ana Heart is the best place for you to get quality clothing.

You might need some accessories

Use accessories: Experienced yogis are often reluctant to use accessories, but there is no shame in keeping them close to your carpet! Prepare them even before unwinding your carpet; you never know when you will need it during your session.

Relax before exercising

Relax before the course begins: Even if you want to discuss before the course starts, try to calm down and relax before starting your session. Lie on your back or sit with your eyes closed to connect your mind and body and begin your practice in the best conditions.

Do not wait for anything

If you have to keep one board from this list, that's it. You will have learned a great lesson about yoga. Some days you will be able to achieve a complex balance for some more difficult postures, but on other days you will not succeed. Our body evolves constantly and our mental state is never the same as during the previous session and it can seriously affect the way you practice yoga. Do not expect the same results or feelings from one session to the next.

Listen to your teacher

Of course, your teacher is there to give you the postures to take, but it is obviously not his only role! A subtle tip could help you develop a new relationship and a different approach with a posture that seems too difficult - or too easy!

Do not compare

Spending your time comparing your posture to that of others will not help you improve your practice, it will disrupt you and you will lose your own mental energy. Focus your mind on a positive attitude on your own potential.

Breathe deeply

"Perfecting" your breathing can take years. Whenever a posture becomes difficult to maintain, use another method that is deep breath. This style of breathing will help you relax all the tension in your body and evacuate the negativity and continue class by being calm and soothe.